Barbara J Couch, M.Div.

~Blessed and Blessing~


Come Into Agreement With God About You

Receive the Freedom that Jesus Our Lord Has Given To You


Love is God. You have the opportunity to be a conduit of love no matter where you go. Release the love God has given to you.


Grace is a gift given by God not to be misused or to take for grant but to know that you live in the new covenant with God through Jesus Christ. This grace is renewed everyday.


Hope is made manifest through the living Word of God which is Jesus. Engage hope and let the relationship with Jesus inform your heart and mind.

  • You are loved.
  • You are anointed.
  • You are blessed.
  • You are well in mind, body and spirit.
Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is not a destination. It is a wonderful journey of self discovery.


About Me

My gifts are in the area of the pastoral. I have been serving people intentionally for more than nine years using this gift.

More About Me

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Southwest,Florida, USA

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